Line Shopping

Outside of picking winners there are several things serious bettors should do to help their chances of winning over the long haul. Money management plays a big part, as does discipline, and the ability to pass on games you don’t really like.

And one of the most important advantages a serious bettors can use is the flexibility of having more than one outlet to wager with, and then shopping around for the best lines on particular plays.
This used to be tough to do. A guy was lucky just to have maybe a local bookie and an account with an online sportsbook, to have two lines to choose from. But today, with the literally hundreds of online sportsbooks offering wagering on almost everything, line shopping is much easier to do.
Large discrepancies in lines are harder to find these days, because the powers that be at the various sportsbooks keep an eye on things. They don’t want to get caught with a line too far from the norm, and risk getting piled on.

But that’s no reason to disregard the use of line-shopping to maximize one’s chances of winning. buy dopoxetine Getting a team at -6.5 rather than -7 or -7.5 comes in handy at least a couple of times a season, turning losses and pushes into wins. And losing bets at -105 rather than -110 (or more) can save quite a bit of money over the long haul. Those nickels and dimes add up, and serious bettors don’t ignore them.

Making money betting on sports is difficult enough as it is. Bettors should grab every advantage they can find, no matter how seemingly insignificant.
When playing a point spread or a total bettors can often find differences of a point or more if they have the ability to shop around at three or four books. And differences on the prices are common. For example, while one outlet might list a team at, say, -3 (-110), another might have that game at -2.5 (-120). Bettors with flexibility can choose the line that best suits their preference on a game.

Bettors should also consider using the moneyline to enhance their chances of making money. Typically generic cipro treatment lasts 3 to 14 days. Say a football team is listed at +2.5 (-110) on the point spread, and +115 on the moneyline. Well, when it comes right down to it, 2.5 points is not a lot in a football game. The average margin of victory in the NFL is around 10 points, and very few games are decided by one or two points. So instead of getting the points but giving a little on the grease, a bettor might consider taking that team to win straight-up on the moneyline, and getting a little extra on his risk.
Most online sportsbooks offer moneyline wagering, but some don’t. And neither does your average local bookie. And having a couple of moneylines to compare and play with creates increased middling opportunities. Keep your eyes open, they’re out there.