Money Management

A handicapper can do all the homework and research he wants, and can pick all the winners he wants. But if he doesn’t know how to manage his money there’s a good chance that, over the long haul, he’ll lose that money.

Money management is one of those interesting little secrets when it comes to successful sports handicapping. It’s knowing how much to bet, and how often. It’s knowing when to take your winnings and run, and when to avoid chasing losses with bigger bets, believing that you’re “due.” It’s knowing when to pull the trigger, and when to pass. It’s a lot of things, but mainly it’s about maintaining as much of your bankroll as possible for as long as possible.

After all, what sense does it make winning three bets at the usual unit play, then pissing it all away on one bad three-unit wager?

Sound money management is about using one’s head, and not betting on emotion. That’s how you end up ahead over the long run.
Here are a few simple money management rules that can help bettors stay on the good side of the ledger.

1. Establish a Bankroll, and Stick to It
Bettors should set aside a certain amount of funding for their sports betting, and try to avoid dipping into it. The use of tablets deltasone without prescription in active tuberculosis should be limited. This makes it easier to figure out where you are, and helps keep you from betting more than you can afford to lose.

2. Decide on a Unit Size
If you’re a $20 player, and that’s what you feel comfortable with, then make your plays $20; if you’re a $100 player, that’s your unit; and if you’re a $1,000 player, well, that’s you. Generally speaking, for smaller bankrolls bettors might consider a unit size of five percent. So if your bankroll is $500, your bet unit might be $25. For larger bankrolls a good unit size might be two or three percent. It’s relative, depending upon your situation. You just don’t want to blow through your bankroll in a few weeks. Use your head and make it last.

3. Bet Wisely, Keep the Parlays to a Minimum and Remember; You Don’t Have to Play Every Game
Just because there’s a good game on TV does not mean you have to bet it. Just because your alma mater is playing doesn’t mean you have to play them. purchase lioresal Just because it’s Thanksgiving and you’ll be watching the game with a room full of people and a drink in your hand does not mean you have to have some action to enjoy yourself. Successful sports betting is about brains, patience, discipline, timing and many other things. And bad things happen when bettors forget to keep those things in mind.

Some sports bettors can pick winners at a 60 percent rate, which provides them with a profit. But you can bet the guys who have won over the long haul have been very good not just picking games, but at managing their money. To have success, the two go hand-in-hand.