Public Underdogs

It’s common knowledge, or at least it should be, that the majority of the betting public prefers to back favorites when betting football. And to a degree that makes sense, considering that linesmakers have a pretty good idea of which team will win a game, and most of the time the team that wins the game outright also covers the point spread. But as we all also know betting football isn’t as easy as that, and favorites don’t always win games.

However, what that public lean toward favorites often does is offer bettors good opportunities on the other side of the betting equation, boosting lines for those who like to play the underdogs.

First, a few numbers. Last year (2010) in the NFL point-spread underdogs won 86 games outright. That’s over a third of games in which the underdog didn’t even need the points. Side effects lasix reviews and adverse effects. It ain’t easy picking underdogs who will win straight-up, but it happens every week. And many of them make for nice payoffs on moneyline bets.

Overall last year NFL underdogs went 127-122 ATS.

When backing underdogs it’s sometimes wise to wait until later in the week, to see if you can get a little better number with a line move in the right direction. It seems most lines, when they move, go against the favorites and in favor of the dogs. As in a favorite of -4 often goes to -4.5 or -5, and teams at -6 go to -6.5. By holding off a little on getting down those who back underdogs can often get an extra point or so on their wager.

Like favorites, though, underdogs on occasion attract a lot of square action, so dog bettors should beware. There’s still wisdom in steering clear of the side everybody and their brother is piling on, buy dopoxetine online whatever side of the spread that may be.

Finally, underdog bettors should also be aware of the little tricks sportsbooks sometimes play to entice action on one side or another. Hey, they’re trying to take your money, and they do a pretty good job of it. Giving, say, what should be a 3.5-point-underdog five points, or a 7.5-point dog nine points, might just be ploy to attract action on that side. Don’t think it doesn’t happen, and bettors should keep an eye out for that kind of thing. Most of the time, if it looks too good to be true, well, you know the rest.