Reduced Juice Wagering

What is reduced juice?

Term “juice” or sometimes referred to as “vig” is what a sportsbook charges you for every wager. The common juice is based on a -110 line. What that means is that to win $100 you would need bet risk $110. A sportsbook offering reduce juice betting has a lower commission on each wager.

Who offers reduced juice betting?

Many online sportsbooks offer lower juice/vig on certain days of the week. For example Topbets offers a lower commission on certain wagers placed on Friday. After oral administration motilium without prescription is rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract. While that deal will save you money, the best betting shops offer it every day of the week. one of the top sportsbooks for 24/7 reduced vigorish betting is 5Dimes. Most major North American sports are offered at the lower rate on game day. A bettor can save $5 dollar per $100 bet (laying $105 to make $110) in theory on nearly every bet made.

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